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2013-2014 Class Schedule

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Studio 180 offers professional instruction for all ages and dance abilities. Each student’s development, work habits and progress will be evaluated each year to assure appropriate level placement for the subsequent year of study. Student progress is also evaluated on an ongoing basis and level adjustments will be made throughout the year when warranted.

Foundation Dance Classes

Foundation dance classes provide the framework for an understanding of the discipline and artistry of dance. Taught in a warm and welcoming environment, these classes will enable students to gain confidence in their dancing ability while developing their coordination and musicality skills.

Mommy & Me (Ages 2-3) This class is designed as an intro to dance for young students interested in trying dance for the first time. The class provides light exercise and basic movement vocabulary for both mother and child. It is a great way to explore movement together in a safe and friendly environment.

Pre-Dance (Ages 3-5) Pre-ballet classes are designed to encourage creative movement, self-expression and group interaction while introducing basic ballet, hip-hop and jazz movement and music concepts. These classes introduce children to music and movement through a structured progression of lessons, activities, and games.

Primary Ballet (Ages 6-11) Primary ballet classes are a prelude to formal classical ballet instruction. Students will learn basic ballet vocabulary and steps based on the Vagonova (Russian) technique in a structured, but fun environment. At age 8, students in this level can audition for the Professional Training Division.

Primary Jazz (Ages 6-11) The class will teach students basic jazz vocabulary through dance routines set to today’s popular music. Students will gain confidence in their ability to dance to their favorite popular music.

Open Classes

Open classes are intermediate/advanced in level and available to students age 12 through adult. These classes are for students who wish to take classes outside of the Professional Training Division or for students in the Professional Training Division who wish to advance their dance skills through training in various dance styles and techniques.

Jazz/Broadway - This class blends contemporary and broadway jazz in a fun, expressive style. Emphasis is on personality, performance, and musicality.

Contemporary - This style enables students to expand their technique in an abstract and expressive form of dance through a blending of ballet and jazz. Class is taught with contemporary music that encourages the dancer to use movement to express strong emotions. Students are not required to take ballet, but are encouraged to do so.

Stretch & Strengthen - Improve your posture, balance, agility, and coordination with our low-impact, high-result oriented stretch & strengthen class. This class is designed to stretch and tone the entire body emphasizing upper and lower abdominal strength, splits, straddles, and back and leg extension.

Ballet – Ballet classes with full barre, center, and floor work. Classes are great for professionals, teens, adults, and home schooled children. Select classes include live piano accompaniment.

Yoga - Enjoy the stress-fighting and health-boosting benefits of yoga through our various class offerings by certified yoga instructors. **Note: Students must bring their own mat.

Professional Training Division 

The Professional Training Division is a curriculum of dance that is based on Classical Ballet. It provides serious students with the structure and progression needed for proper training and growth towards a career in dance. Students in the Training Division of classes are required to take a class placement and an interview.

Pointe Work and Curriculum Content - In general, mindful of the fact that each student develops at their own pace, pointe classes will begin in Division 2, an age at which a child’s foot is ready to support the strength required for pointe work.

Performance Opportunities - Performance is an important aspect of the training of a professional dancer. All students in the Professional track will be afforded the opportunity to perform in Move 360 Outreach events and to audition for roles in seasonal productions by Ballet 180, our professional dance company. Students from our Professional Training Division will be working closely with Ballet 180 so that they are able to experience a variety of performance opportunities. The three levels of Ballet 180 Trainees (Trainee 1, Trainee 2, and Trainee 3) relate to the three Professional Training Divisions at our school.

Division 1 (Ages 8-11)
Weekly Class Minimum: 3.5 hours
Correct form, alignment, placement and execution will be emphasized through Classical Ballet technique. Students in this division are required to develop leg and foot strength as well as proper alignment through ballet technique, pre-pointe and leaps & turns. Jazz class is a good balance to ballet and enables students to understand and control the quality of their movements.

Division 2 (Ages 12-14)
Weekly Class Minimum: 5 hours
Correct form, alignment, placement and execution will be emphasized through Classical Ballet technique. Students in this division are required to develop and strengthen proper alignment and technique while en pointe by taking one pointe class per week and at least two ballet technique classes. The additional classes in jazz and contemporary teaches students to apply their technique to a variety of movement styles and forms of expression.

Division 3 (Ages 15-18)
Weekly Class Minimum: 7.5 hours
Students in Division 3 are welcome to attend any of our Open Classes. The class requirements selected provide students with a versatile and comprehensive dance education. Students in Division 3 will be encouraged to think about personal artistry and musicality.